CHEMISAFE products meet the highest European standards and guarantee quality and safety without compromise


Certified safety

EN14470-1 (new version 2023) for storage cabinets of flammable products.
EN14470-2 for storage cabinets of gas cylinders.
NFX 15-211 for chemical hoods and recirculation filtering cabinets.
EN16121 STRICT for all our cabinets program.
EN61010 for storage safety cabinets of chemicals.

Our team

We put at your disposal all our experience and professionalism.

Bruno Stancanelli
Bruno StancanelliCEO & President
Diana Teso
Diana TesoAdministrative Manager
Simone Stancanelli
Simone StancanelliCommercial Manager
Daniela Peri
Daniela PeriOrder Management & Exports
Adriana Serena
Adriana SerenaOrders & Shipping Department
Gianluca Vidali
Gianluca VidaliPurchasing Department
Lisa Veronese
Lisa VeroneseAdministration Office
Alberto Benato
Alberto BenatoLogistics & Orders
Alessandro Portaluri
Alessandro PortaluriUAE Sales Office
Jeffrey Wang ZhenChina Sales Office