Safety cabinet
for the storage of LITHIUM BATTERIES
Certified according to the new standard
EN 14470-1 (new version 2023) TYPE 90


• Fully made of steel sheet with cold painted 1/1.5 mm thicknesses with anti-acid epoxy powders and subsequent passage in the thermal tunnel at 200 °C

Particular insulation formed by high density fiber panels ( Fibroceramic-free) for high temperatures (800 °C) and calcium sulfate panels

Internal finishing panels in melamine laminate with high resistance to even aggressive vapours

 Certification according the new EN 14470-1 (new version 2023) TYPE 90 standard

Automatic hydraulic door closure with temperature above 47 °C

Lock with key and door lock

• Adjustable feet

Automatic closing valves (70 °C) of the inlet and air outlet ducts, certified 90 minutes, placed on the sky and at the bottom of the closet

Diam ejection hole. 100 mm on the roof of the

Anti-slip hinge that guarantees perfect solidity of the doors

3 cm thermodilant gasket (DIN 4102)

• 4 perforated shelves mm 1094 x 420 x 39 A

• “ground” clamp to prevent electrostatic charges

Automatic shutdown systems are irreplaceable in the fire protection of environments. The automatic extinguishing control system operates by detecting the presence of fire and controlling the extinguishing discharge to limit as much as possible the damage caused by the fire. The automatic extinguishing system includes the fire detection system, the shut-off control panel, the condensed aerosol generators. The programming and use of the Control Panel is simplified by the indications provided on the front panel display. Important flexibility is given by the ability to program the delay in activating the sirens, the delay in turning off, the discharge time, the duration of the shutdown. On the front of the control panel there is a manual discharge button and the power station can be connected to the power-off and power-off lock buttons. The shutdown output of the
power plant can activate two solenoids or multiple pyrotechnic actuators. The remote panels have a display for the indication of the status of the system, the extinguishing discharge activation button and the key control for the selection of the power-off mode.

GSM combiner dedicated to the FIRE/SAFETY sector. Device outputs can be associated with alarm events or
managed remotely. You can create custom profiles for each of the numbers you enter as needed. 2.8-inch Touch-Screen LCD display. Graphical interface that simplifies and speeds up the installation procedure and makes it much easier for the end user to use as well. The icons are similar to those of a common mobile phone, thus allowing you to enter data intuitively and with extreme simplicity. The Report icon allows you to control the scheduled settings exhaustively. The internet connection can be made through a completely manageable security procedure remotely, thus being able to program the device even remotely, to have the event log or to activate the outputs. The device constantly checks its operating state (signal level, power supply, proper internal operation) and is able to restart in fault situations without any external intervention. This ensures a higher degree of security. In the event that the GSM signal is missing, you can program one of the outputs so that this inconvenience is reported.